Bay Area Autism Group big thanks for posting Metamorphosis Touch class Nov15th,16th 2014

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Bringing resources and support to families with autism

A  great big thanks to Bay Area Autism Group and Shanti Kurada for getting the word out for our 1st ever Metamorphosis Touch class  go to Bay Area Autism Group/Events and at the bottom of the page click to November or just click on

Metamorphosis Touch Class and click on classes .

Check out this excellent site for many ideas and resources to assist you and your family.

Knowledge is power.  Take advantage of  Cindy Silverlock  1st time ever being in the Silicon Valley Bay Area offering Metamorphosis Touch

img_cindy1Cindy studied with the founder of Metamorphosis and has been living the work in her daily life for twenty-five years. Her style of teaching brings the energy of the work into the room while she encourages you to find the essence within yourself. Her teaching inspires.

Cindy and her husband Dean met Robert St. John just after they got married in 1989. They both attribute their supportive and positive relationship to Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis has helped Cindy tremendously with anxiety, addictions, coming to terms with a challenging childhood and simply coping with life. It is her passion to share this incredible work with others, inspiring people to find their inner strength using this combination of loving touch with profound intent.

Cindy’s experience with Robert St. John includes studying with him one on one, creating a newsletter for him to help spread awareness of his developing work and coordinating his final lecture tour in 1996. She is the author of “Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousness Through Touch.”

Cindy has taught Metamorphosis throughtout the USA, in Canada and New Zealand. Her background includes a B.A. in Psychology, training as a Doula, in Hypnotherapy, Massage and Reiki.

Cindy is available to teach or lecture in your area. She has lectured on Metamorphosis at the APPPAH (Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health) Congress 12/97, Metamorphosis Conference 3/98, RAC (Reflexology Association of California) Conference 10/99, APPPAH Congress 12/99 and the RAA (Reflexology Association of America) Conference 5/00.

Looking forward to seeing some of the Mom’s  or Dad’s .  This class is limited seating and we have a few spots open.   Reserve now on the Metamorphosis Touch site.

Contact Us
Metamorphosis Center

Cindy Silverlock
PO Box 2945
Santa Rosa, California 95405 – USA
Phone: 707-537-5911

or Contact Debra in San Jose, Ca   408-259-8827



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