Colour Mirrors Precious Oils and Spritzers of Nature!!!


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I began working with the Aura Soma colored Jewels around 20 years ago.

Next I had the honor of working with the Colour Mirrors precious oils and spritzers about 10 years ago,  then the company importing them stopped.  In December of 2014 I was guided to work with the Dragon Spritzer essences again.  Several days later I was looking through some old paperwork and the phone number for the company that use to import the Colour Mirrors fell out of the folder. I called that company thinking they perhaps began to import them again.  Well no such luck, then I began doing research and discovered that they were now being imported by a friend of the creator of the oils and a teacher of  Colour Mirrors, I spoke with Anne Clark-Caya out of Denver.  I order several of the Dragon and Angel spritzer essences and my clients were so excited to have them back again.   Then so happens Anne, was is San Jose, Ca several months later on business and took the time to teach us the Chakra Higher Vibration Colour class.

We are in the process of putting together a Dragon and Angel’s class learning more about these powerful, yet playful spritzer essences in San Jose, Ca in middle of September of 2015.  They are a life force, mirroring what is going on  in your life and assisting you to transform and reconnect with your inner core essence.
I now incorporate the colour mirrors into all of my healing modalities, including my long distance energy balancing.

What is Colour Mirrors?
It is essentially an energy or vibrational tool for self awareness. In the Colour Mirrors system the language and vibrations of colour can be accessed through bottles of coloured oil and water. Each bottle and colour has a meaning and offers insights into areas of our lives that we feel are blocked or where we would like to increase our potential for a more abundant and joyful life. When you are drawn to a certain colour bottle, that colour has a message and will help you analyse your issue. When Melissie makes these bottles she adds energy and intention to the water and oil, so it offers vibrational support for any issue.

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I am finding that the Colour Mirrors also assist us when I add them to a
“Clear Your Clutter Session.”clear your clutter