Check out the Changing Energies on the Planet Mt Shasta, Calif. & More.


Greetings to all it has been a busy several months.

I sponsored Anne Clark-caya  at my home in the Greater Silicon Valley bay area. We learned more about how to use the Angels and Dragons spritzers from Colour Mirrors.

The Angels are all about connecting to your divine essence and the Dragons are of the Earth and assist you in getting things done. We did a special meditation on awaking the Dragons in Mt. Shasta. California (USA).

While Anne was at my home she also taught me the Practitioner Class and I became the first colour mirrors practitioner in California.

3 weeks later Anne finds this awesome picture of the changes of Mt. Shasta mt shasta

This was a Picture taken by Mona Delfino and as she drove by she felt the shift of energy taking place.

Next on Facebook there was some excellent information on the shifting of the energy of the planet with Patricia Cota-Robles.patricia

Check out my new site Debra’s Unique Energy Points on Massagebook for more information on my latest Colour Mirror services and now you can Book a session from that site as well.

Debra Hubers Paradis
1st Colour Mirrors California Practitioner