Dreams DO Come True!


fishDebra’s Unique Energy Points – August 2016.

After 30 years of living in San Jose, Peter and I moved to Discovery Bay in January. Yes ! Decluttering 30 years was fun. Packing box after box after box was even more fun ! I am certainly lucky that I got to live in the same home for so long.

It has taken a few months to get us settled and organized and rested. Without a doubt the Colour Mirrors spritzers and coloured bottles supported me during what could have been a super stressful time.

Debra’s Unique Energy View Points got a new home too! . red door1

I am taking clients and offering Colour Mirrors session in Brentwood at the absolutely cutest place – The Red Door Dance Studio. They transform lives one step at a time.

I am offering 2 Colour Mirror services at The Red Door Dance Studio

817 First Street Brentwood, Ca  on
Wednesdays from 9am-2pm 

Ø  Mini Colour Mirrors Reading – $30.00

The intent of this 30 minute session is give you a taste of how profound the Colour Mirrors system is. You will select one bottle regarding a specific issue. We will discover the message the bottle has for you.

Ø  Accessing your Core Essence with Colour Mirrors – $60.00

This is a One Hour session. You will select between 6- 8 Colour Mirrors bottles. We will then dive into the meaning of each bottle and how to implement the guidance the bottles provide. Before and after pictures will be taken – your face will show you the transformation that is taking place.

Can’t make it to Brentwood? No worries we can always have a remote session via phone, Skype or a new tool I love much more Zoom. This option is also available for all the other services I provide.


Recently a client called me and was having a really difficult day. “I was so scattered, knew I wasn’t in my body, had all kinds of ascension symptoms and basically not functional. Debra started running the energy and I could feel myself get grounded. In fact my voice had a radical shift, from lifeless to one coming from my soul. All of this within 15 minute on the phone. It truly is a testament to the level of deep work Debra is doing!” Stephanie – August 2016

It’s great to be back “doing” what I love – connecting you to your inner child so you can live life through the lens of joy and wonder.

Debra Hubers Paradis
Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Ca

For More Information contact Debra at Cell 408-836-8908