Lauren’s Kitchen Skinny Dunkers Gluten _Dairy Free Cookies

Chef Lauren and I create these delicious  Skinny Dunkers cookies
in a totally Gluten Free kitchen made with Love in Campbell, Ca. They are made for Dipping into your Favorite Beverage.biscotti-bag

Check out some of the ingredients :
All ingredients are Organic, Gluten and Dairy Free

Gluten-free Oat Flour: High Protein & Fiber, Lowers cholesterol, Heart Healthy and has a great taste and texture! Most other flours are very high in carbohydrates which make you gain weight and spike blood sugar.

Coconut Palm Sugar: Low Glycemic Index(25) & Load(18-28) means that is will not spike your blood sugar or give you sugar blues like refined sugar. So, it can be suitable for Type 2 Diabetics in moderation. Consult your doctor about them.It is the sap from the blossoms of the Coconut Palm Tree and are sustainable harvested. Then, it is heated to crystallize it without any chemicals. All other ingredients are fair trade, Non-GMO,  mostly organic, local when possible, sustainable and healthy.

How to Order either Gluten and Dairy Free Cookbook cookbook
Skinny Dunkers
from Presidental Chef Lauren Hoover .

Biscotti Ingredients: Gluten-free organic Oat Flour, organic coconut palm sugar(low glycemic), organic free-range eggs, baking soda, aluminum free baking powder, real Tahitian Vanilla Extract.

  • Double Chocolate Chip: Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolate Chips, Espresso
  • Cinnamon Raisin: organic cinnamon, organic raisins
  • Cardamom: Ground Cardamom
  • Zesty Lemon: organic lemon zest, real lemon extract

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