Remember Gratitude this holiday season.


We all have so much to be Thankful for and to appreciate what we do have.

It might be nice to start the holiday season by creating a gratitude journal

Some of you are wondering how do I get started here are some great tips from the site How to Keep a Gratitude Journal offering some excellent tips on how to get started today.

Doing some research I came across another interesting website “Happier Human” they are offering  “The 31 Benefits of Gratitude You Didn’t Know About:How Gratitude Can Change Your Life!!!!”

What a great Family Tradition you can begin this year.

If you are in the greater silicon valley area and are looking for assistance in

Clearing Your Clutter and starting Fresh in the New Year give me a call and we can get started today.

Blessings Remember Change begins with  “One Step At A Time!”

Happy Holidays!!!! Debra clear your clutter




Giving Thanks for the Lifesaving Gift of Blood


Experience the True Meaning of Giving This Holiday Season!

Take the time to Give the Greatest Gift of All the LifeSaving Gift of Blood/with the American Red Cross

I do this quite often throughout the year and during the holidays it is crucial time to donate your blood.  The Supplies become low.

Check out all of the Apps available through the Red Cross.


Happy Holiday Season to you and your’s

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do this holiday season?

If you are in the San Jose Greater Silicon Bay Area,
I am available to assist you with “Clearing your clutter” .  The more your space is Cleared the more Peaceful you will feel during these times of holiday stress.

clear your clutter