Debra’s Unique Energy Points Presents Sip & Colour Event Dec. 8th 2016


Sip & Colour Event Dec. 8th 2016

 colour-book Colouring books aren’t just for kids. In fact, adult coloring books are all the rage right now.

Through the use of colour you will find that it is a great way to open your heart, find the little girl within and release your creativity. If you are stuck play your way out of it!

In just two hours, while sipping a glass of wine or cup of tea you will be colouring your way into higher vibrational energy and new points of view.

We Provide

§  Coloring books that are filled with pictures of sacred geometry & Mandalas.
You choose the picture for your master piece.

§  Crayons and Pens. Feel free to bring any of your favorite supplies.

§  Wine or Tea and a sweet treat.

§  An environment infused with Colour Mirrors coloured essential oils and Spray essences that will ensure your time is filled with magic and fun!


§  Thursday December  8th, 2016 6:30 – 8:30 PM

§  Cost – $26.00 ~ Cash, Google Wallet or PayPal

§  Event is limited to 6 artists. Must RSVP by phone – 408-836-8908

§  Location – Discovery Bay, Ca. at a private home. Address will be given when you RSVP

Debra-Hubers Paradis | debra.hubersparadis@gmail.com


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Using all your senses to achieve a more balanced life


Here are some unique points of view on incorporating the use of your
5 senses
to assist you in achieving a more balanced life.

5 senses
* 1:  Sight
* 2:  6 Benefits of Good Listening the other half of the
communication tool.
* 3:  How to Develop Tastes for Healthy Food!
* 4:  Make Contact  Four easy ways to incorporate more
touch into your day

*5:  Essential Oils Positively Effect Immune Responses anandaoils
Two of my favorite’s from “The Ananda Apothecary “  are “Super Immune” even better than Thieves Oil I use almost every night on my feet before bed, and UMA  aka White Goddess this one is very grounding.  Essential oils are very powerful and can assist with changing the energies of the mental, emotional and physical.
Debra Hubers-Paradis ENJOY