Sacred Lotus Healing & Bina Patel -Both hidden Gems in Milpitas California must check this out.!!


sacred lotus healing  SACRED LOTUS HEALING wellness for
Body, Mind and Soul.

bina  Bina Patel is the owner of Sacred Lotus Healing, as well as the talented Practitioner.. She offers some excellent services including: Ayuervdic massage services, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi ( Hawaiin Healing) along with Pre and post natal massage and so much more!.

The setting is very quite, safe, calming,warm and cozy. Bina has a wonderful fully heated massage table, plush sheets and blankets and essential oils.
Sacred Lotus Healing is a hidden gem within the photo
ICC Indian Community Center in Milpitas, Ca.

I recently treated myself to a wonderful relaxing Spa Package of 90 mins of total Bliss:

1 hour Abhyanga Massage Traditional Ayuervdic massage using heated oils to help bring the subtle energies of the body into balance.
Along with
30 minutes of Shirodhara 6000 Year Old Massage for the Pineal Gland (Third Eye)


A continuous pouring of warm herbal oil over the third eye center and forehead that induces a deeply relaxing and blissful state of consciousness. This treatment includes massage to the scalp, face, neck, hands & feet.
Spa Package deal ICC Members: $120     Non-Members: $140

Here are some testimonials from her clients.  The holidays are coming around the corner what a lovely way to honor yourself through the holidays and what a great Gift idea for the someone in your life who already has everything.

Bina offers special package deals and discounts for the 1st , 2nd visits for referrals as well as for military, teachers and students.

Please let Bina know that you saw this blog thanks.

Have a blessed Day.

Debra Hubers-Paradis

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Balancing “One Person and Home at a Time”

Oneness Blessings  No Charge Sessions Remote or in person

Metamorphosis Touch Sessions Remote or in person
helps to remove the tension in your body immediately.
Metamorphosis is simply a catalyst, allowing you to do your own internal process of letting go of unconscious tension.
Using gentle touch, we work on the bony structure of the feet, hands, head, and directly on the spine.

Rainbow Liquid Light Sessions Remote or in person
The Next Revolutionary Level of Healing is Here!
Very calming subtle yet goes to a very deep DNA level.

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